MES Work Queue not allow use of other modules in MES?

Does anyone know if it is standard in E10 MES that opening Work Queue and keeping it open does not allow you to access anything else on MES?

That is correct.

You could do a customer dashboard that looks at the Queue - maybe that can be open and allow use of other functions.


Do you have any BAQs or Dashboards that mimic the queue by chance?

I do :slight_smile: but of course they are tailored to our use - here’s one example of the dashboard/BAQ combo that we sue for one of our product lines. the second file is an updated SQL query that better represents the requested vs scheduled resources (and the requested capability). These changes have NOT been worked in to the BAQ & dashboard yet. I’m in the middle of updating things as we move forward with capability driven schedules.

There is going to be a bunch of stuff to delete from the BAQ/SQL because it’s custom data.

But there is a lot of good math in this query with regards to calculating time left in the job based on an ACTUAL production rate (not the Prod Std value) which in turn tells you if the operations will be done on time. And a few other fun bits.

If you make changes, see errors, etc. please let me know!!

200-PMS_Resource_Planning_BAQ.sql (15.2 KB)
AshFlatwireSchedule_wBAQ.dbd (1.4 MB)

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Thanks Mike, I will come back to these. It’s something that I was asked about and hadn’t looked into yet so you’re saving me some legwork! I appreciate it greatly :pray:

You can kind of get around this by using the ‘right-click → open with’ functionality from the data fields on work queue.

Adding things to the context menu might do what you need.

You can get around it completely by launching the menu item yourself using processcaller,
and passing it the right inputs.

That being said, we don’t use it here, and there are probably reasons Epicor made it a modal
form, and I don’t know what those are.

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It’s because when you do stuff in the work queue, you may need to refresh the stuff that’s on the main MES screen. Specifically, the active work that shows up on the main screen.

If it let you work on both screens, then actions that you can do with what’s in that grid can be out of sync and cause issues.


That’s kinda what I figured. Thanks :slight_smile: