Method Of Analysing Process MRP Logs?

I’ve been very lucky with Epicor software in that at multiple businesses I’ve never had any issues with MRP, on the whole it’s been well configured and runs as expected, so I’ve never had to analyse the MRP logs in any depth.

However, at my current employer I’ve had a few recent episodes where scheduling (a regen) against demand has taken a lot longer than expected and it appears that Process MRP is having to loop multiple times to fit all the unfirm jobs in (I go from Process MRP taking around 4 hours to complete to around 7 to 8 hours).

The technical guides are great for setting up MRP, but useless at diagnosing poor performance. Is there a document available that covers Process MRP log analysis, or is it just a case of logging a support call as required for each time an event occurs?

I wrote a parser in Visual Studio to read the log pick out the pieces I need and spit out a new file. It was quick and works well at scale. Mine was purpose built so it wouldn’t help you but depending on what you are looking to get out of it you might consider something similar