Mfgsys64.exe on sql 32bit

If you can do a VM… I would probably go with that.

Optionally…I’ve used SSRS in E9 before.
Depending on our E9 version you might be able to switch over to SSRS report(s) now.
Bonus… you’d putting yourself in a better position for an eventual move to E10.

As far as I know, SAP started giving mixed messages to developers about licensing/availability of future Crystal Runtimes a few years back.
Why SSRS started looking like the better, i.e. cheaper solution to developers like Epicor.

Too bad, Crystal is such a mature product and so much easier build reports with… IMHO.

How does VM work with having Sage FAS installed on that VM and then multiple users hitting that VM server? Not sure why they chose to individually install Sage on local PC clietns. That way, we can keep Epicor on the local PC clients as is since it has a greater impact on the number of users.

Sorry, I don’t know anything about setting up the Sage VM or clients.
My only experience is with legacy Sage systems, some basic reporting and customizing.

This is wwhy I might look at getting SSRS up first.
If you have E9 on SQL
and you currently use the standard Book Listing Report

Might be simplest to start switching over to the standard reports to SSRS.

The drawback with SSRS would be if you have a LOT of custom Crystal reports that clients are not able to print/preview.
i.e. could be a lot of time involved in copying those customizations into SSRS styles.