.mgfsys file corrupt

Has anyone encountered a corrupt .mgfsys file where the entire file contents were wiped out leaving the file at 0kb?



We are just now experiencing this in Epicor 9. Did you ever get this figured out or resolved?


I recall having this happen a few random times at my old job. If I recall rightly we excluded AV from the Epicor folder.

Open the config file to see if there are any contents in it. If not, recopy it and it should work.

The .mfgsys file’s contents were somehow wiped out yesterday afternoon so I took a copy of the file to resolve the corrupt file issue.

Thanks, Chia. We have had this happen a few times and we do replace the file with a backup. I was hoping to get some insight into how to prevent it.

Simon, Can you elaborate a bit? I’m not sure what you mean by “AV” and did you remove it from the Epicor folder to resolve the issue, or was the problem happening because AV was excluded from the Epicor folder?

Sorry for my brevity. Anti Virus = AV.

I made sure the anti virus software had exclusions setup for the Epicor client folders.

Check your firewall and security access to the folder location. We had a virus wipe out and corrupt our files and we updated our security settings to prevent it.