Microsoft to open source Win Forms, WinUI and WPF 😱

Holly crap this is huge!!! Way to go M$!!!


yawn… Microsoft open sourced something else?

That happens when it’s the largest open source company on the planet. Someday people may actually recognize that and then religious wars will end (hahahahaha)

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They did DOS earlier this year too.

And .Net Core out of the gate if I recall…

I am not sure how many products are open source - such as .NET Core and EF core, etc. If you glance at GitHub, you might notice a few projects are from MSFT up there:

And the rewrite of Microsoft Edge with the Chromium engine. Microsoft is all in for open source. Come and git it.

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And you can report issues and bugs for those products where they can review and reply to them openly.

You can submit, read, or comment on all 1,257 open issues with the C# language itself. You can see Anders Hejlsberg’s pull requests to Typescript.

“The future has arrived — it’s just not evenly distributed yet.”

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It’s really nuts how accessible some of the thought leaders and the actual dev leads are at MSFT these days. Make a twitter post and I get an email from a few folks at MSFT. Post something on GitHub and have a month long discussion on the nuances of Entity Framework core engine or memory management and the GC with the core team. ASP.NET does biweekly open video conferences on their ‘sprint reviews’. The contrasting opinion on that is they play with an idea in the open and never ship it due to some complex design issue they run into.

I’ll take that as opposed to them hiding everything until it magically appears and destroys any roadmap you have when they get on stage and do a and one more thing to you. It’s something we are trying to manage as well for engaging you our community. We hate disappointing customers when we state we are looking at improving x but then destabilize things and have to pull a feature. I hate that but it happens. Going forward we would like to solve that balance some way.

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