Migrate AR/AP Accounts

In our company the catalog of accounts and the accounting book changed, and there were still open balances in the previous book / catalog and the following message appears when entering a payment
Post Operational Amount to Paybles / Expense Account: PaymentXXXInvoiceXXXXXX Invoice Payables not found.
We relate it to the fact that the previous balances we do not see in the current book, there is some way to migrate those sados ​​to the new book / Catalog

yeah, that is a tricky one. you need to setup multi-book to get those to flow. you’ll need to post to both books.
The system looks to the AP transaction for the book and gl account for posting, and that can’t really be modified.
Depending on where you are with this process, you may be better off entering Misc payments and then writing off the AP transactions…but even the W/O will look to the previous book for posting.
A bit more background on where you are with this process would be helpful.