Migrate configured Order and Quote Lines

Hello all,

We are in the middle of a migration of going from On-Premise 10.2.700 to SaaS. Right now in our On-Premise environment we have a lot of open order and quote lines which have been configured by the product configurator. These order and quote lines, including their configuration have to be migrated to the new SaaS environment as well.

I’m thinking of a way to migrate the product configurator data from the on-premise to the SaaS environment.

What I’ve tried so far to test the possibilities:

  1. In On-Premise, export both the PcValueGrp and PcValueSet tables for a specific OrderLine.
  2. In SaaS, create an Epicor Function with DB read/write access.
  3. Inside this Epicor Function, create a new PcValueSet and PcValueGrp record with hardcoded values based on the export in step 1, and make sure the RelatedSysRowID is equal to a configurable Sales Order in the SaaS environment.
  4. Run the Function

The records get created correctly, i can see them with a BAQ. But when i open the configurator from the related Sales Order line it won’t show the values that i have imported.

I do know there is also the PcInputValue table (or SQL view?). This table remains empty in the SaaS environment for the specific Sales Order line.

Am i missing some steps or does anyone have experience with this?

Thanks in advance,

If you are migrating all the configurator information will be in the new environment. You’ll just need to run ‘Verify Existing Configurators’ on the configurator and all the unfirm jobs/orders/quotes will get updated. If you are moving to a new environment it might be a little trickier.

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