Migrating PCInputs from 9 to 11

We are rebuilding all our configurators and the old ones will not be available, we’ve already told the business they will have to re-enter open quotes. PCInputs is the largest table, and because jobs/orders don’t always get closed, not only 5/23rds purged, when it should have been 75%.
Is there a downside in E11 if I drop that table before beginning data migration?

We use the CFG heavily and we just started over when we went to 10. The CFG re-write to C# was bad enough and we changed so much about them the old data wasn’t really even useful any longer.

Then Epicor gave us a utility in 11 (maybe it’s in 10) to convert the old structure to the new structure (XML). It takes some time to run, but it does bring everything forward to the current structure - plus they included a SQL View that’s accessible in BAQ’s so we can present CFG Inputs as columns in a BAQ result - it’s pretty cool.