Milestone billing from quotation showing total cost

Looking for a way to have a quote, with each milestone shown with a price, with each totaling up to the cost of a machine.

For example.

We want Line #1 on the quote to be 30% of the total cost of the machine as a down payment.
Line #2 on the quote will be 30% of the machine for the Design
Line #3 on the quote, FAT (field acceptance testing) will be another 30% of the total cost of the machine and then Line 4 on the quote, SAT will be 10% of the total cost of the machine then Line #5, will be the machine with the total cost.

Is there a way to do this at the quote level without actually billing twice, once for Lines 1~4 then another time for Line #5?

1 Line 1: Down Payment of Test: $300K
2 Line 2: Design of Test: 300K
3 Line 3: FAT of Test: 300K
4 Line 4: SAT of Test: 100K
5 Test Machine: 1 Million (this being the cost of adding line 1 through 4)
Total: 1 Million

I have done this, but of course it adds up everything, instead of leaving #5 as informational.

Thank you in advance.

You could enter line 5 at zero cost, and then just print the sum of lines 1-4 for line 5 in a custom report style.

problem is, then it gets converted into a Sales order with that same zeroed out and then invoiced, so its more than just for the report.

One way one of my team members is thinking, is have a machine part number, and that is what the customer will receive at first, then afterwards, they get invoiced for the milestones, but how would I make the milestones add up to the machine.

We actually had the opposite of what I think you’re trying to do. We’d have Line 1 be the “Lump Sump”, with lines 2 and beyond, being the actual items we’d bill for. But sales didn’t want those lines (2 and on) to show a price. Here’s an example:

Line   Part Number  Description                   QTY        Unit Cost       
1      PROJECT QWX  QUANTUM WIDGETS PROJECT         1    $1,000,000.00
2      QW-LH        QUANTUM WIDGETS, LEFT HANDED   10             0.00
3      QW-RH        QUANTUM WIDGETS, RIGHT HANDED  10             0.00
4      QW-HCOMP     HISENBERG COMPENSATORS         20             0.00

Then we would only ever bill lines 2-4 at prices that added up to line 1.

In a nut shell, there was no easy way.

If you can get sales to put the Total line first, then you might be able to make a Sales Kit p/n, with the details as the components of the sales kit

Maybe the Projects module would work. But we don’t have it.
(revisionist history)

The Projects module does milestone billing. You would have one line for the full amount and then set up invoicing points in the work breakdown structure and it accumulates all costs (unless you ship from inventory against the project.)

Thank you both, I am working on it now, I will report back

this was the way we did it originally, it worked fine, no sales kit though, but they had the great idea… “oh thats working, forget that, try it this way…” and so here I am… i think I may have something, trying it now.

Thanks all, I have decided that we are ditching version 2021 till sometime in the future, this release is not ready at all for prime time, not here anyway. I have created about 6 cases on EpicWeb, 2 of which have been submitted for PRB’s as the features are broken in 2021 but working in 10 are 2 are still being looked into not to mention the horrendous speed.