Misc Invoices with Deposits/Advanced Billing... Yes... I know 🤦‍♂️

We do a lot of Misc Invoices because while we are live 100% on our Financials in Epicor only about 10 of our 40+ plants are running production / orders through Epicor yet.

For those plants not in Epicor we import Misc Invoices from the Old System to process their invoicing. Easy enough we are however running into a problem. A lot of times we will ask our customers to pay advanced payments (even for the non Epicor plants)

This currently means we make a Cash Receipt / UnApplied Cash against a customer account and off to the races. The problem is though that while we may have 50K sitting on account (as a deposit) when a new Misc Invoice is generated it doesn’t know that and so the customer gets a new invoice for 50K even though they’ve pre-paid.

We are looking for a way to somehow record Advanced Payments / Deposits against a Misc Invoice such that when we create the Misc Invoice we can Automatically Offset that Invoice by the Deposit amount.

Does anyone have any outside the box ideas on how to do this? Currently we are thinking of storing in the Cash Receipt Record a UD field that has the Old System ORder number listed and when a new invoice comes through look that up and Automatically apply the UC after the invoice posts. This works, except for the fact that the Invoice still prints / shows 100% of the Amount / Balance because the UC isn’t applied until the invoice is posted.

Ideally we would love for it to work a lot more like the Advanced Billing does for Sales Orders where the Deposit is taken at invoice time and applied up front and shows up on the paper work / records etc.

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We have epicor at our one and only plant and can’t ship through Epicor to the big box stores at the moment (because I am waiting to work with @klincecum on a function to create 1000+ releases on a sales order) and we end up having to do this Misc. mess too. I feel for you Jose.

I don’t know how to do an advanced payment or deposit on a misc invoice, but if I come across anything I’ll be thinking of you. Interesting problem you have and that would be awesome if you could somehow use the built in functionality cause they do it quite well.

I’m not gonna pretend I understood all that, but I’ll re-read it since it’s you.

I betcha @Mark_Wonsil , @MikeGross , @gpayne night have some ideas though.
The last two are kind of out for the week though :sob:

Sorry, been busy, I’ll see if I can knock that test function out.

I would look into the Reference Invoice field. It says that it is only available for Credit Memos, but I just created a Misc Invoice and the field was still available. I would see what happens when you create a Misc Invoice and tie an Advanced Billing or Deposit invoice to it.


I don’t think you can make an advanced billing or deposit invoice without a sales order though :cry:

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What about altering the invoice report to reflect it?
(Show it as pending, not applied maybe?)

Since this is something that would go away eventually, is it a problem to create one on the
fly and invoice against that instead of a misc invoice?

Yeah we thought about that seems kind of difficult because you could have multiple invoices against an “Order” and so how do you know if you’ve used some of that or not… it creates issues but it is a potential soultion.

We need to invoice lines etc… would be difficult to do that without having the restof the Epicor setup Inventory, Parts etc.

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I see. Yes, some thought is needed here. :thinking:

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What about a generic part, “MISCINV” :rofl: Cost 0, Infinite supply

What about 2 Misc Invoices. The first one for the deposit and the second one to reconcile with the ref invoice?

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I don’t follow, say more! :slight_smile:

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Instead of creating an Advanced Billing or Deposit invoice, create a Misc Invoice instead. You could put a note or something in it to let the Customer know it is a pre-pay (maybe the Description field on the Header). Then they will submit a payment and the cash gets applied.

Then, when it ships, you create another Misc Invoice and use the Ref Invoice to tie back. Hopefully Epicor will automatically do something with the Ref Invoice to balance the two invoices out. If not, just make @hmwillett or @Banderson whip something up to put what was paid in the Less Advanced Billed field on the line.

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Advance Payments won’t work they go against shipment invoices. Deposits go against a sales order. I was going to look for the table, but it was in a post of yours.

If you made a unique “sales order” to apply the advanced payment against then hopefully if you reference the same “sales order” on the misc invoice Epicor will find the deposit payment and apply it.

Maybe if you made OrderHed records to stick the payments on then used the same OrderHed to do all of that customers misc billing against. Same idea, but slightly more in line with normal usage.

What’s the logic behind your invoice print process? What are the exceptions where you would want to print a zero value invoice? This is based on what you said earlier, and want to apply the on account amount against the true unposted invoice value.

Hope that makes sense.

The UD field option sounds the simplest and most viable

I tried this and it did not work.

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Hopefully I followed your question and the other comments correctly, it’s been a long vacation and I’ve only had one cup of coffee…

@josecgomez I think I have to agree with @gpayne here - but I would alter the process a bit. The idea of Misc Part line items (@klincecum) would be what I do for all non-Epicor plants - but use the ‘on the fly’ option rather than an actual part # in the Inventory Master.

For Epicor Plants, I assume currently you create a sales order with the line items as needed, create a Deposit Invoice, collect cash, apply to that SO and then the final AR invoice is correct?

For your non-Epicor plants, mirror that same process, but use a “Misc-Part” partnum and change the description on each line item to reflect what was ordered. Then issue the Deposit Invoice, collect cash, apply to that SO and get a correct final AR invoice.

Ok, I like this. Much more inside the lines than mine. Even builds sales history as you go. If you can slide costs in you could get margin too. You can apply the deposit cash directly to the sales order without a deposit invoice needed.

We actually did shipments against a deposit we had not received, but eh they said the check was in the mail. :slight_smile:

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