Misc Shipment from WIP - description required?

This is new…

Has anyone ever tried “Misc Shipment from WIP” for a part on the fly? My problem is that I get an error (pic at the end).

Here’s the scenario:

  1. We are building a harness for R&D. It doesn’t have a part number. The job exists in order to buy components direct to it and charge it all to an R&D account. Need some kind of demand link; typically we just do a sales order.
  2. On a whim, I clicked “Make to Stock” and saved
  3. Got an error saying that in order to do this, I need to check “Misc Shipment from WIP.” :open_mouth:
  4. Deal! Now what?
  5. Doing some homework, I learned you can either:
    a. Complete all operations and then in Misc Shipment Entry do Actions > Create Shipment from WIP, or
    b. Close the job and the shipment is done automatically
  6. In both cases I get the error about description required
  7. Where on earth is this description?

EpicCare has literally zero results for “Misc Shipment from WIP.”


That “Misc Shipment From WIP” checkbox is near some “Returned Goods Repair”, so maybe its expecting an RMA record.

Really doesn’t make sense that that would be on the Make to Stock tab

Right, and maybe it is a bug, but this is what happens if I uncheck:


It seems supported. I was wondering if anyone had succeeded with this before.

Is there a “Misc Shipment From WIP” checkbox on the Make to Order demand tab?

Also, that must be some advanced module feature. My Job Entry screen does not show those fields:

Not that I see…

If I make a job with an On The Fly part (not in the part table), I cannot create a Demand for stock


How did you do it?

Or is you part in the Part table but just marked Non-Stock?

I think it’s new in 10.2

No, really, it’s a POTF. Like I said, I think this is new in 10.2.something.

Okay… I see it in my 10.2.300 environment.

I was able to

  1. Make a Job for a OTF part with a Make to Stock Demand (as long as I checked the Ship from WIP checkbox)
  2. Add time and report qty to that job
  3. Create a Misc Packer related to that job.

Note that when you enter the Part number on the Misc Shipment -> Line tab, it does not auto populate the description.

You can manually make the Misc Shipment, and it counts against the Job.

I think its a bug where it tries to make the Pack Line Desc, but fails to pull it from the Job’d part description.

There’s a BO method named “CreateShipmentFromWIP”. You could throw up a message block to see what the data set contains

OK, but do costs move to the right spots, especially if you use a non-typical product group? (Like, don’t pick one that just goes to inventory anyway…)

Since you’re not doing it the way the guides say to do it, I fear that it’s not completing all of the transactions.

From EpicWeb:

Huh. I guess it worked. Thank you!

  • Doing the manual shipment let me close the job (I couldn’t before). Once I closed it:
    • Work In Process Report showed costs out of WIP and in COGS.
    • Inv-WIP showed all cost in variance; I think that’s a separate issue, but at least it’s somewhere.

I made a MD BPM on MiscShip.CreateShipmentFromWIP and it never fires. I just get the “Description required” error.

I’d submit a bug ticket.

To wit, the variance thing was obvious (if unexpected). I had nothing defined for variance on the product group, so it went up a level. Wasn’t expecting 100% to go to variance, but I guess it makes sense.

Fun fact! Once you close a job like this, it’s OVER. You can never open the job up again.

So…I’ll never use this feature ever again. But I think we all learned something today. :slightly_smiling_face:

Submitting a ticket. Yeah… I know it’s the right thing to do, but I have to say, I have no motivation for the argument that will ensue with support.

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Is there a way to close a Part on the fly job with out doing any shipment or receipts to inventory?
I am getting the same Business Layer error when clicking the closed button in Job closing . (Description is required). We are trying to avoid the variances if at all possible.

Bringing this one to the top as we continue to encounter this issue. Basically, we want to use OTF parts for in house R&D projects, but don’t have a way to clear them out.

Even when I manually create the Misc Shipment as described above, it prevents job closing due to the “Description is Required” error.

Has anybody discovered a good solution for this?

We still do the sales order route. maybe they have improved this misc shipment method, but I never bothered to try again.

I know making a sales order for a non-sold part is kind of hack-y, but so is making a DMR to return good parts to a vendor. It’s just the way you do it.

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Jason, thanks for the response. Definitely not an ideal solution, but if it works…