Miscellaneous Packing Slip Doesn't Pull Customer Part #

Per field help, the Customer Part/Rev is “An optional field that is used if the customer has a different Part number than the users internal part number.
This field is defaulted from the OrderDtl.XPartNum.”

I assumed that this would pull over automatically but it isn’t. Is it user error or a glitch in E10?

What external document setting do you have selected in customer part cross reference?


Print as Main Reference.

When we enter a miscellaneous packing slip, the customer part number doesn’t even populate the customer part # field in miscellaneous packing slip entry.

Is it a customized pack slip? Does it print if you use the same part in customer shipment entry?

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It’s not a printing/report issue. The customer part # isn’t being pulled into the entry screen of the Miscellaneous Shipping Entry.

The customer part# is populated in the Customer Part Cross Reference.

Maybe its a bug, did you try reporting it to support?

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