Missed Operations

I was given a request to create a BAQ that outlines missed operations on a job. i.e. the person will scan int operations 10,20, then skip 30, then scan into the remaining steps.

This can happen on just one operation or multiple operations where the operator just skips or forgets to scan into an operation.

Ive already created a BAQ that shows ANY missed/not scanned operations, but this shows jobs with operations pending to be started as well.

I’m not sure how to go about the logic of just showing operations that are missed in between.

Are these operations just not marked complete? Or are they never clocked into altogether?

Thats the thing, some operations take too long so they don’t complete the full quantity in a day, so they’ll finish small batches.

Management just wants to see if the operation just has a scan or not on the operation, if that helps.

I think I get what you’re after: Find operations that were never scanned/clocked into (skipped), excluding operations that the job hasn’t made it to. I’ve done something similar, can you post your BAQ so far?

My BAQ is kind of messy since I concatenated all the operations together (a bunch of subqueries).

But here is the output of the BAQ in excel

Lines 1-3 are correct and what I would expect from this report, but line 4 is something I’m trying to avoid (operations 100 and 110 are yet to be done and are not missed)

Gotcha. You could make a subquery to find the highest opr seq clocked into for each job, then use that to filter the ops not started (skipped opr seqences must be < highest opr sequence clocked into).


This isn’t a BAQ, it’s SQL, but it’s what I use to find missed ops. Could probably turn it into a BAQ easy enough.

select *, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY JobNum) AS RowNum
(SELECT DISTINCT JobHead.JobNum, JobHead.PartNum, PrevJobOp.OprSeq FROM Erp.JobHead

   JobHead.Company = JobOper.Company AND
   JobHead.JobNum = JobOper.JobNum AND
   JobOper.OpComplete = 1

INNER JOIN Erp.JobOper PrevJobOp ON 
   JobHead.Company = PrevJobOp.Company AND 
   JobHead.JobNum = PrevJobOp.JobNum AND 
   PrevJobOp.OprSeq < JobOper.OprSeq AND
   PrevJobOp.OpComplete = 0
JobClosed = 0) Base
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Yeah this is what worked for me, don’t know why I didn’t think of that, but thanks a lot!

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