Missing Data Fields in Bartender btp file

Hello everyone!

I am just wondering if anyone on can help me with my Bartender/Epicor problem. New data sources were added to Job Traveler and the needed columns/labels were not excluded. We have a custom report style for Job Traveler and we use Bartender for our labels. I go to the Job Traveler and use our custom Bartender report style to print those labels. When I go to generate a btp file that Bartender uses, the columns/labels that I excluded earlier are not found in it. I go on Bartender and use the btp file to generate data sources on it, but the columns/labels that I have added are not there either. Is there something that I am missing that could be causing this issue? Also to note that the new data sources I am looking for were custom made for that particular piece of data we were looking for.

Any help is appreciated!