Missing SOAP endpoint in REST API

I’m working on migrating some code with uses SOAP under Epicor 9 to use the REST API in Epicor 10. The problem is, some endpoints don’t seem to exist. I’m starting at the API help page on our server, let’s call it “e10host”: https://e10host/Epicor10Pilot/api/help/. Looking under the “Service List” on this page I have managed to find most of the calls that I am using. However, not all of them.

One in particular that I do not seem to find is GetDatasetForTree. This was in the JobEntryService in Epicor 9. I was expecting the corresponding object in E10 to be under Erp.BO.JobEntrySvc. However, while this contains a lot of endpoints, none of them seem to connect to GetDatasetForTree. My suspicion is that I might have to implement my own code to take several separate APIs and combine them into an emulation of the old behavior, which I would like to avoid as it would be time consuming and error prone.

Is this really the route I have to take? Is there a better way? Does the end point really exist and I am just missing it somewhere?

I’m not an expert, but as I understand, you can still use SOAP if that’s the right tool for the job.

Well I suppose it’s the right tool for the job if it’s the only tool that will do what we need. Everything else is moving to the REST API as we were already going through a layer which was “RESTifying” the results anyway, so the difference between what the new APIs return and what we expect is already minimal.

But is that the case? Are not all SOAP APIs available through REST?

That would be a @Bart_Elia question. Bart?

Have you checked the Custom Methods list? The default is OData methods. (This is a MONSTER service BTW).

Mark W.

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Thanks, Mark I had not tried that. When I try to switch to the custom methods list, however, it reports that it is “fetching resource list… Please wait.” but so far has not completed, seemingly occupying the browser doing something. Guess I will wait a while longer and see if it ever finishes.

Yeah, I tried and it was taking forever too. Like I said, a MONSTER service!

Sure enough, it finally came up and GetDatasetForTree came up. Thanks for your help!