Mobile CRM for Cloud/Web Based Kinetic

Has anyone installed or is currently using Mobile CRM that is on Could/Web based Kinetic?
I would like to get this up an running but am not sure where to start.

In the Epicor Learning Center there are a couple of training videos, “Introducing Mobile CRM” and “Setting up Mobile CRM on your Device” that are mostly useful and only slightly annoying. They demo on a tablet-sized screen, but the functionality is the same on either a phone or a tablet.

Mobile CRM is a separate license from the desktop client CRM… but if you download the mobile CRM app you can attach to a training database and try it out before buying it.

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I have the demo on my phone and it is a pretty decent app and I can see how it would be useful for my sales people in the field. I have the installation guide but there are all the references to changing weblogs and the other associated actions but I am not sure they apply when things are handled via cloud/web based servers as they are managed at an Epicor site.

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I’ve looked at the Mobile CRM Install Guide for 10.2.700 and there is no mention of weblog… specifically what are you referring to?

Using the Mobile CRM would be no different data-wise from using the same programs on your desktop. The look-and-feel is vastly different, and the security concerns of accessing that data over the internet are (technically) no different whether you’re on-prem or on cloud (actually somewhat easier on cloud).

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I may have used the incorrect term. Following the install guide in the licensing section there is an action to open the web.config file and then add additional code. Then there is a references to configuring the server and application server. I don’t believe as a cloud based customer that I have access to these.

Ahhh… I see what you’re looking at.

From the text, you’d use this to in a circumstance for an on-premise installation to use a regular license instead of using the special CRM license. Cloud users don’t have that file, so it wouldn’t appear to be an option.

That entire Mobile CRM Install Guide appears to be for on-premise installations only.

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I ended up opening a case with Epicor to see how to proceed as I think this was something that was missed or we didn’t fully know about at our “go-live” event. Hopefully they can steer me in the right direction as it appears that a lot needs to be done server side. Thanks for your replies.

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In case anyone stumbles upon this. It is pretty simple. Being cloud based servers are managed by Epicor. For credentials you enter the server information: where xxxxx is the company number (found at the top of your application).

You then need to have Epicor run the Mobile CRM BAQ updates from their end through a ticket request.

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Hi I have a similar problems whit Mobile CRM for Cloud/Web based kinetic, when we try to access with users already registered, it sends the following message : “Connection fails, please review the username and password and try again”.

So we created tow new users with whom we had access but only three days.

We make a ticket but Epicor says that the app ahas a bug, do you currently have access or do you hace any tip for us. =(

Our go live is very close. I hope you can hep me thanks.

Hi Shantl,

Did you have Epicor run the BAQ’s for Mobile CRM? We had several issues before they ran those on their end.

Also are the users permissions set to “Allow Epicor Web Access”?

Here is the Epicare/Epicor case I had submitted in case you want to reference it with them:

CS0003198814 - CRM BAQ Deadlock Errors