Modify Attachment Folder Structure

Has anyone found a way to modify the folder structure that Epicor saves attachments into? Either for a specific table or overall. Mainly I just want to group attachments on OrderHed into a sub-folder for each order.

We would be doing this in Sharepoint Online.

No, subfolders for attachment are not modifiable.

Hey Mike,

When adding attachments to Epicor, there was a file structure set up when it was an actual file system and kept that standard with SharePoint and even DocStar and you cannot change it.

Folder structure is not really required in Document Management systems. DocStar, for example, doesn’t even have one. There is a folder field and a document can have multiple occurrences of a folder for a single file. But this is really just for human adaptability. What’s important in Document Management systems is the Content Type. This is used to control workflow, security, and retention policy. People use Document Libraries in SharePoint to add some finer controls. But folders are an old paradigm. Metadata is the key to modern document management. I would recommend adding a OrderNum column to your Document Library and now it’s easy to pull up all of the documents related to that order. No folder required. Enter your order number in the standard SharePoint search will pull up all documents with that number in the OrderNum field AND Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents with it too.

I don’t think this has changed at this time but authentication to SharePoint is still by User ID/Password. Azure AD is not supported by E10 the last I checked. So the linkage for M365 users is still a little clumsy.

So, if you want the full power of SharePoint you could create your own Epicor Content Type with the metadata that you want and then write an event in SharePoint to add/update/delete the attachment in Epicor via REST. In Epicor, you would see the document as a LINK document type and not SharePoint. But that may not be an option for you but it’s a thought.

Mark W.

authentication is using AzureAD user and password, so it is supported. it is just not using same token you have for ERP loging with AAD

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Just checking, you still have to have E10 save the username/password then and clear that cache when the password changes?

It was implemented long before Azure AD login was added.

Maybe someday…if there was like an Identity service or something like that, it would certainly provide the promise of SSO if it could use the AAD token. :wink:

true. All that SharePoint integration is the same it was in E9. There is a plenty to improve.


Thanks for the comments @Mark_Wonsil . I understand where you are coming from but the folders are a place of known comfort for many and I would want to do a more thorough implementation of a document management system before I took that away from people. I’m just trying to swap out one piece of the puzzle right now and getting some sub-folders on orderhed is what I need to make that happen without it being a big thing. The people I’m concerned about are the ones accessing not from within Epicor, because they are not Epicor users but use some of the documents that we would want to store in Epicor.

I had checked out the metadata which is awesome. It doesn’t sync through the OneDrive client though, so the search will only work from the web which is not how all of our users access their Sharepoint documents. So again, I’m stuck with needing a sub folder or a more elegant solution than adding metadata and using the web client for documents relating to orders.

@Olga I understand that modifying the subfolders is not supported by Epicor. I was hoping that someone on here had found a way to get around that to make it happen.

I hear you. At some point someone is going to ask, “We’re paying how much for M365? And we’re not using it? Why?” But until you get a good training program to wean people away from what they learned on Windows 95, I know it can be a difficult task.

Search works in the Teams Client if you’re using it. We had an Epicor Team which held all of our Document Attachments, upgrade testing, work instructions, and conversations about ERP issues. It was great because new users could see the conversations held before they held their position and get up to speed quicker.

Since Epicor has a similar product in DocStar, I really can’t imagine them putting effort into SharePoint until it can be done throughout all Document Management. So…

If you really, really, really want to have subfolders, I think the price for familiarity is going to be having to upload the document to SharePoint in the subfolder created manually and then manually create a Link in Epicor using the LINK Document Type. :man_shrugging:

Mark W.