Modify SSRS Report in Cloud breaks Subreport

So i am running to an issue and not sure how to fix it. Recently we moved from onprem to cloud. I know how to download and upload SSRS report in report style, but i am trying to modify the sales order pick list report. I added my new fields etc and they all show up when i print the report. The only issue is that the subreport (qty) breaks and shows could not show report error. I seen this on premise and had to declare the location of the subreport on it and it was fixed.

Well now that i am on the cloud i am just working off my pc and dont have a reporting server. When i tried to update the link to the same location the parent report is, i cant reach it because it only shows recent server and sites. I been looking ways to fix this but was wondering if anyone seen this and has a fix for it?

Thank you!

Are you up/downloading from the Action Menu of the Report Style? Are you then working in that folder? It should download the subreports and upload them as well.

It is best to use just the subreport name (not the full path).

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i am working within that folder (i downloaded from actions). i am not modifying the subreport at all. but every time i upload the report to my report style the subreport says it cant be shown.

I seen this error when i was on premise and by locating the subreport location within my report used to fixed it. But now we are in the cloud and i am not sure since i dont have reporting server.

The error is during the run of the report and not uploading, just to be clear. For all the time in the cloud, I have never had to modify anything to make a sub-report work so I’m surprised that you had to on-prem.

Mr. Jose: If you have not specifically modified the subreport - maybe the select query has been polluted by the “Sync Dataset”?

Jason is also right that the subreport reference in the main repot should be just the subreport name i.e. no path.

When you run the report builder you do not need a server to modify. Only to preview. You should be able to select the subreport in your Reports/CustomReports/SOPick folder on your local machine.


You you tried to run the report with the “Generate Data” capability? Using that you may be able to run just the subreport and find out if the issue is with the query in the subreport. Running just the subreport may tell you the specific error that you won’t see when you run the master report.

If you think the issue is with the subreport location, you can open the RDL file in notepad and edit it directly. BE VERY CAREFUL. You can look for the subreport and find the path. Make sure it is relative (like you had to do for onprem).

Thank you gentlemen! i spent all night trying to figure this out. I couldn’t (lol). So i re-configure the entire report from the epicor standard one.

Just to put more context for anyone reading in the future. i was downloading the SSRS from report style. Then i would open the main report in report builder and make the adjustments without opening the subreport. I would then upload the folder and all the subreports back into the report style. I would print preview the report and thats where i would get the could not be shown error on the subreports.

Sounds like the report that you first copied, may have had a path specified in the sub-report’s properties (the sub-report object in the main report). So your first copy was looking in the wrong place for the sub.

Copying the built-in report, worked because its sub-report object didn’t include a path in the source location.

thanks but i checked that and it just says the name of the subreport (the one in the same folder group). i looked at the built in report to my customized one and there was no difference in the properties of the subreport