Modifying a scheduled task already scheduled

Are we able to modify a scheduled task in System Monitor that has already been scheduled to run daily instead of resubmitting it? For example, if I want to modify the cut off date on the WIP Report, can I simple go into System Monitor, double click that scheduled task, change it and save it from there?

I think you need to re-submit the task with the new parameters for it to take effect

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Not that I’m aware of. Remove the task and resubmit to get it into the schedule.

remove and re-add. you typically can do that right from the system agent though pulling in the same current settings.
Just make your changes. Schedule it. Delete the old scheduled task

Double click gutter

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So simply saving it with the new changes will create a new scheduled task?

Another question, have you ever tried emailing a Process Set before? For example, we have 5 processes that all need the reports emailed daily. Instead of scheduling each one individually to email, can we add all 5 to a process set and then have that process set email those five processes?

Yes. If you make a change to the options and click the submit button it creates a new task.

Sure, you can attach any number of tasks to a process set and then submit that process set to a schedule

If you mean setup each one and put it in the process set yes. If you mean add them all to a process set and set that process set up to email no. Side note you can go into process set maintenance and edit the individual processes by double clicking too. (by edit i mean schedule a new one)

So, this is not at all a better answer that everything so far, but… yes, you can edit them.

The parameters live in a table called SysAgentTaskParam. I was able to make an updatable BAQ for it and save the record. And it kept it after refresh. (Had to add all parent tables and their PKs to the BAQ also, FYI.)

But, uh, don’t do this.

Edit: What I changed is “JoeBlow” (was my ID). That is not a real user in our system.

When making these changes in system monitor, instead of clicking submit, what if you save it? I understand submitting would create a new task but what about “save”?

I’m wondering if this will work. I originally submitted the process to the process set, then went into that process in the process set and resubmitted it as an email process. I’ll have to test modifying a process within a process set to see if it allows emailing.

I ran into this issue. I would like to submit many copies of the Update ABC code process but they do not like to run concurrently. The recommendation is to use a process set but when you submit a task to process set then it does not send e-mails.

Anyone have success updating process set tasks to send email?

I was going to use Jason’s idea and update the tasks after the fact. I have been successful with a dashboard I use to update tasks for when someone leaves and a new person arrives. I can search through all the tasks, update the email, and save without re-submitting each report.

I believe you can only do this if you have advanced routing module. You create a report style with Break/Routing