Modifying SSRS report on MT cloud - is it even possible

Hi all - obvious newbie here. Have copied (RDD and Style) and been trying to modify the canned Sales Order Backlog Report. Management wants to see both dollars and the quantities. Somewhere in the report the detail lines only print when the value is Q or D (believed to be based on the selection of the Print parameter where you can choose either sales values or Quantity). The report appears to somehow calculate values 1 thru 4 based on said selection. So I would like to perhaps modify it to have values 5-8 and have both. I cannot find where the Q and D are defined, nor see a way to add additional calculated fields. Of course we also want to keep the 4 date selection options as well. We are on the MT cloud so we have zero access to the database. Am I wasting my time? Thanks in advance!!

Have you downloaded the SSRS report from the Report Style screen?

Yes I have. I then opened it up with MS Report Builder and went through everything I could find.

I don’t think you can do it, the dataset are using the same Value1=Value4 to house the data depending on what you select for the criteria, you would need to theoretically/ programatically run both reports at the same time, save and get the guids and then union the two datasets. I’m not sure I can do this with on-premise let along cloud…

Thank you Alex. I was kinda afraid of that. Thank you for looking at it! I think we are going to go with an outside Epicor solution…run both reports and export and combine them in Excel. Thank you!!

If you can get both options to run at the same time through the print dialog, you could just edit the report query with a CTE to combine the data. Rename all of the fields Value1Qty & Value1$, etc.

Thanks John, but in all honesty most of what you said is Greek to me. Part of what you said makes sense - I did want another option that was “both” and then add 4 more values, but I can’t seem to get at the guts of the report to add another print option, variable value to indicate both, or add new value fields… I have no idea what CTE is.

I think you would have to customize the print dialog to add a third option of Both that would pass the Q & D. If that can be done, then you would have to edit the dataset query. It might be able to be done, but I have never customized a print dialog before.

Obviously neither have I, lol. At this point I think we are just going to go outside the system. I can’t see a way in to add to the dialog or expand the values, and it may or may not be cloud related. Maybe someday if I stumble across the right tools and access. Thank you again. Stay safe!