Module Codes in ice.Menu


Does anyone know what the codes listed in ice.Menu.Module mean? I’m trying to produce a list of the menus only for the modules we are licenced. I’m doing this manually at the moment, but I’d love to figure out a way to cross reference this to ice.EnabledModule. Unfortunately, Data Dictionary wasn’t any help.

I’m open to better ideas if anyone has them!

Thanks for the help!

FWIW - The modules list in EAC in 10.2.300, has 168 rows. There are only 67 distinct values for Menu.Modules.

You might have a better chance of matching up the Menu.Module values with something from the Epicor sales docs

I wish… please let us know if you ever figure it out.

BTW… “SheMunkee” is one of the best screen names I can recall seeing. Great job!

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I was having the same trouble–not having a list of what menu items are actually available to me, so I made a spreadsheet. It uses the “Module” field in the menus table to filter based on what modules are licensed.

Menus Workbook.xlsx (632.3 KB)

Notes on using it:

  • I am using 10.2.600, so the menu items could be different in your version
  • Download the menu items using a BAQ on Ice.Menu and paste into “Menu Detail” sheet (be careful to preserve the order of columns and the formulas in the last four columns)
  • Download the licensed modules using “copy all include labels” in the Company Configuration license tracker and paste into the “Modules” sheet (being careful to preserve the Module ID, which is hand-entered)
  • Sort the menu detail items based on the calculated “Hierarchy Code”
  • The grouping on “Menu Licd” was done by hand, but it wouldn’t be hard to create a macro to do it more efficiently

The “Menu Licd” sheet constructs the menu, in order, based on what modules you have licensed. It’s about 90% accurate, and for greater accuracy, you’ll have to go through menu by menu, line by line, and check it, manually showing or hiding items using the right-most column on the Menu Detail sheet. I had to hide a bunch of location-specific screens that are technically licensed but don’t apply to us here in Canada.