Month-End Inventory Listing

Is there a stock report in Epicor that is an inventory listing that ties to the GL? I have yet to find one.

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So do people write a BAQ / Dashboard?

The Stock Status Report (SSR) is often used - as long as you understand the limitations.

Ideally the value of the SSR would match that of your inventory GLs. Note that that is plural, as you may have separate accounts for RAW materials and Finished Goods.

The biggest issue with using the SSR, is that it can be run for a specific date. But the cost used for each part is whatever the current cost is, not what that part’s cost was on that date.

I have the a customized version of the SSR scheduled to run every night at 12:01 AM, with a dynamic date of “Yesterday”, with the report emailed to me. Then I have a record of the QOH and Cost for each item at the end of each day.


And the SSR runs at 12:01 AM on the first of every month. This gives the Month End numbers

We went “live” on 4-15-19. If I run the Inventory Journal for the inventory GL accounts from 4-15-19 to 5-31-19, shouldn’t that tie to the Stock Status?

Ideally yes.

But here’s a list (and by no way complete), of things that will make a SSR total differ from the GL.

  1. Running the SSR with a date of 5/31 (on 6/4) will give you the correct QOH (exceptions below), but use the cost as it is on 6/4. If you use Average or Last cost and anything has happened to change the cost since 5/31, the cost used will on the SSR will be wrong

  2. A backdated transaction that has not yet been posted. Entering a PO receipt on 6/3 with a received date of 5/31, will increase the QOH that would appear on the SSR compared to what it was on 5/31. The GL won’t show the GL Trans until the Capt COS/WIP rollup process is performed. If the Period was closed, the PO Receipt will still have a PartTran as 5/31, but the GL Tran will have a date of 6/1 (they get forced to the first date of the current period)

  3. Some transactions default to the Inventory account, like Buy To Order. BTO parts are received and hit the Inv GL, but create no part trans - so they wouldn’t show on the SSR. When the BTO item is shipped, the INV GL is then credited by the original amount (making the accountants happy)

Yeah, the stock status report is garbage. We use a few BAQs and the Inv/Wip recon report filtered down to do an inventory roll in excel each month which then always ties to the GL.

Seems like such a basic need by all users. Oh well, thanks for the input.


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