Monthly quick ship maintenance - delete PrintFiles

Yesterday we received reports of not being able to print from Quick Ship. We contacted support and they told us we needed to do the following monthly maintenance. I’m wondering how other people are doing this as remembering once a month to go do this sounds like a non-ideal solution so hoping others have a better solution we can adopt.

“it’s always recommended to cleanup the un-processed files from the PrintFiles directory frequently at least once in a month to avoid this issue.”

To do this we did the following:

Services > Epicor QuickShip Print Monitor Service > Stop, then move *.MON, *.XSD from E:\Quickship\PrintFiles to E:\Quickship\PrintFiles"Old PrintFiles", then Services > Epicor QuickShip Print Monitor Service > Start

This is from the KB0068554. Interesting to note, they say to move the files to an “Old PrintFiles” sub-directory, which presumably is causing a future cleanup issue as more and more files start clogging up this new directory. Is there some use in saving these files? Or would it be better to just delete them?