Most wanted features/solutions

Users can submit a report like the invoice edit or posting process. But because the report or process can take a long time to complete, other co-users may submit multiple subsequent requests.

The customization maintenance screen should auto-select the customization that was loaded when selecting the action modify customization. Because the developer has already selected which customization he/she is planning to test, run, or modify. It make no sense to reselect the customization when the modify customization is selected from the action menu.

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Having consistency between environements for example in BAQ designer, we can have see the last 4 BAQ’s I have accessed so it is easy to go back when I open again the form. But for Dashboards, well I have to search, order by date, go to the top then I can see it… so much more clicks needed…

  1. It would be nice if such a “last four access” was saved in the local profile so that when we go back after a restart, they could still be there…to access…

  2. The possibility to use an existing query as a subquery. I have read we can copy widgets between BAQ’s but re-use of a query would offer an added flexibilty!.



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Since our first use of Epicor, we had to modify it in order to add for packages of products.
we added :

Nbr of product per package,
weight of package, (totals the products, palette, carton etc)
Volume of package

We introduced this functionality within the Revisions of the part, as we can sell the same product 100/pak or 200/pak it would then be a different revision of the part.
We sell packages (we has as well modified the reports to show that as well ) and our shippers want to know about volumes needed to ship and weights etc… so that is why such info was important…

I have read about 10.2 having a package feature … can’t wait to see what is all about…

Otherwise I was wandering how other users were dealing with this missing functionality ? I am sure we are not the only ones shipping packages… !

thanks for your input.


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The knowledge of the revisions in stock.

We produce parts with revision, we sell parts with revisions, but in inventory, we only place parts

How do we know from which revision? is the current stock in inventory? If the revision changes, in the system we cannot know how much from the previous revision are in stock?

Of course we can look on our package where the revision from the production is on the label…(.where this process is manual and takes time.) … but not via inventory reports. The only way would be to use lot#, which is overkill in my view…

Or via scanning the packages on shipping… but this would require more customization …


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Be able to check out more than one part at a time to Engineering Workbench.


Thought you could already do that as long as it was a diff part/rev? No?

He means not having to go through the checkout screen one at a time. You can have more than one checked out, but you you have to go through the checkout screen one at a time.

And yes +1000000000 for that one.

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Chris - Can the forum software host an indefinitely running poll - I’m thinking a list where forum users can click on a wish item and increment it with a “Me Too”! Or overcomplicate it with a weighted avg with say their top 5’s…

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Epicor should have this… See this link for a functional example.

Be able to use a SQL stored procedure as a data source in dashboards.

IMHO, I would prefer to be able to create views or stored procedures WITHIN the Entity Framework. Using Stored Procedures completely bypasses the Epicor Security model. It also appears that adding views manually has broken the upgrade process for several users on this list.


I thought this was a non issue in 10 since it now has sub-queries with CTEs?

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Ability to duplicate (clone) a subquery in BAQ designer and import a subquery from another query.

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