Most wanted features/solutions

I am curious to get some input on what the general consensus on the top desired features/solutions/integrations for E10 are.

It could be certain dashboards to display information, major changes to forms, automations, integration to external apps, utility apps, etc. This could also include improvements to screens/processes in Epicor that just make your blood boil.

I am not referring to customer specific stuff, but more industry specific stuff - or things that many could benefit from. If someone posts something you like - please hit the like button so I can get a tally.

How could E10 be better for you?


Service Connect is one product that has room for improvement. Too complex to use not mention understand. The learning curve is steep and long.


System or user defined Incompatible rules for reports and process running concurrently. If two or more reports are submitted concurrently by different users, they should not be run concurrently as this will impact system performance and response time.

Screens that could return many rows such as the Tasklist should have user configured number of row per page with auto (previous/next/first/last) page buttons.

Manfiest Crystal reports should be converted to SSRS reports.

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Set idle time auto clock out for MES defined employee shift. For example. If the employee shift is 7:00am – 5:00pm and idle time is set to 30 minutes. The system will clock out the employee when the system time is past 5:00pm and the employee idle time has reached 30 minutes or greater. A system log will be useful for mangers to review. Even better, a 10 minutes warning message to the user’s screen will be helpful prior to the clock out.


Associate specific (analytic type) report(s) with a corresponding non-prime time business hours Task Schedule. This will auto-force known long running reports to only execute during the set non-prime time business hours, and would not impact system performance and response during prime time business hours.

Company configurable archive retention policy in days for submitted reports. Instead asking the users to set the archive days at report submission time or customizing the report submit screen to set the archive period. Epicor should provide a global archive period for retaining reports submitted by users. For example the default minimum could be 5 days while the maximum could be set to 45 days.


The customisations dashboard should be a default addition to system managment. It is a very useful tool.

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Simplify the adding of new users to the system. e.g.a single point to enter in a user, employee, person/contact, person, buyer, workforce (salesrep).

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It would be great if you could copy a BPM from on method to another.

Quite often a BPM may be variant of an existing one and it would be neat to be able to copy one across as a starting point.

Andrew, starting in 10.2.something you can now copy and paste BPM widgets from one BPM to another. Works great for the scenario you just described.

I see you offering solutions to slow reports, but I have not seen many reports that are slow or impacting to performance. Could you provide some examples?

You can highlight the widgets and copy/paste them to new BPMs already.

Users can submit a report like the invoice edit or posting process. But because the report or process can take a long time to complete, other co-users may submit multiple subsequent requests.

The customization maintenance screen should auto-select the customization that was loaded when selecting the action modify customization. Because the developer has already selected which customization he/she is planning to test, run, or modify. It make no sense to reselect the customization when the modify customization is selected from the action menu.

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Having consistency between environements for example in BAQ designer, we can have see the last 4 BAQ’s I have accessed so it is easy to go back when I open again the form. But for Dashboards, well I have to search, order by date, go to the top then I can see it… so much more clicks needed…

  1. It would be nice if such a “last four access” was saved in the local profile so that when we go back after a restart, they could still be there…to access…

  2. The possibility to use an existing query as a subquery. I have read we can copy widgets between BAQ’s but re-use of a query would offer an added flexibilty!.