Move Inventory in EKW

**The Operation in EKWW Now:
Open Move Inventory Menu and scan QRCode, the information of Quantity, UOM, etc. will auto fill in the relevant fields. Then operator need to fill the “From Warehouse Code”, ”From Bin Number”, “To Warehouse Code”, “To Warehouse Number” manually.

Our Warehouse operator think this is a cumbersome workflow. For example, there are 100EA parts that we need to move to Warehouse B, Bin B from Warehouse A, Bin A, in this workflow, operator need to input “From Warehouse Code”, ”From Bin Number”, “To Warehouse Code”, “To Warehouse Number” every times, which means 100 times. That is unacceptable.**

We suppose if operator can input the “From Warehouse Code”, ”From Bin Number”, “To Warehouse Code”, “To Warehouse Number” information first, then scan the QRCode, So that operator only needs to input the warehouse & bin information 1 time whatever how many parts he need to move inventory.

Out of curiosity, why are they doing a manual inventory move instead of leveraging the material queue? What’s driving the need for the move? If this was a material queue transaction, everything would already be filled out and all they have to do is confirm it.

With that said, having primary bins could eliminate some of the steps if you store your goods in static bins.

I like the idea of ‘sticky’ fields - should at least be an option on most every field.

But this really sounds like a task for DMT. Remove qty from one warehouse, add it to the second warehouse. Prep time is about 15 min, run time is about 5 min.

It’s the best tool for the job.

Proper inventory control practices do not allow for many, if any, shortcuts. It is usually a tradeoff of time spent vs accuracy.

I get that warehouse personnel do not want to perform an inventory move every time they move something, but they should.

Anything that gets auto-filled invites the possibility of garbage in.

Can you add QR codes to the bin locations that mimic the input steps?

WarehouseCode, Tab, BinNun

Thanks Chad! We do not have Smart Warehouse System, so for example, when we receive materials, warehouse operators need to scan the QRCode on the materials box at receive area and then they will carry the materials to the warehouse and find which Bins are available, then they will input the To Warehouse & To Bin information in EKW. So they want to transfer inventory by batch. Material Queue is a great idea, but it cant solve this problem, because no body can know which Bin is available in office.

Hi Mike, I know we can transfer inventory by batch in Epicor–through customization or other way, but we need to do it by EKW, use the PDA

Yes! I agree that! So we just want it more easier, Now the operation on EKW is so complicated

Yes, every bin has barcode already! But if we transfer maybe 50 box material from A to B, then we need scan the bin barcode for every transaction, that means the operator need to scan the bin barcode 50 times, that’s so cumbersome

Some thoughts, apologies if I’ve missed the reason but why is the Qty not being changed?
So in your example of moving 100EA, why not type in 100 into the Quantity field?

Do you really want to default the Qty from the Scan? Shouldn’t that be inputted manually by the operator to reflect the reality of the work they have performed?

Alternatively, UOM Class could be an avenue to go down, instead of 100EA it could be 1CASE or something.

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Standard (maybe AMM?) functionality includes put away transactions after a PO Receipt and your screenshot shows you’re using Mobile Warehouse. I think you may have more capability than you realize. I would almost wager that you have these very same transactions pending in the material queue now. unless you are doing Receive to Location when you do PO Receipts. That bypasses this process.

Thanks Joe, because maybe the 100EA materials belongs to different lots, they have different Lot Number. If transfer them in one process, the lot num will be same one