Move or remove the Delete Button - Order Entry

As the subject suggests, I’m trying to remove the Delete button or move it to the end.


baseToolbarsManager.Toolbars[“Standard Tools”].Tools.Remove(baseToolbarsManager.Tools[“DeleteTool”]);

Does remove it, but changes the complete order of the toolbar, with New and Save at the end of the toolbar. This is unacceptable to my users.

I’m looking for a means to disable or remove the button without changing the layout of the current toolbar icons.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort.

This is apart of the personilazation layer. Instruct your users to move the delete button as they wish by going to Tools > Options:



Can any of the toolbar menu icons be rearranged? I tried rearranging them but can’t either. I’ve also tried making them larger but it doesn’t save. Anyone able to either rearrange the icons or make them larger?