Moving a Full Company from Test to Production

Hi All,

We recently purchased the Multi-Site/Multi-Company module and are making plans to implement the new company now. We would like to create the new company in the Test Environment to make sure that we have everything working correctly before implementing in Production, but we are unsure of how we could move the company (GL, COA, Company Config, etc.) from the Test Environment to Production upon completion.

I contacted Epicor support and they told me that there was nothing built-in to help with this process - does anyone have any suggestions? I do know we can use a combination of DMT and Solution Workbench but I’m unsure if we can get everything with this and this method also leaves a lot of room for error.

Thanks in advance for your help!

DMT and Solution workbench are the tools you will use to do this. You will need to build a script (in the sense of a to-do list or task order not like a batch script) and rehearse it several times (I recommend 3-4 or until it goes perfect) in test checking, double checking, triple checking your process and tweaking issues in data, import order and timing.

Some things will need to be done manually, but those would be small simple tasks that just need to be executed at the right time (all part of your script).

The point you are at right now is only half the battle, the actual implementation with DMT and Solution workbench is the second act. Document everything, perform due diligence and everything will go without a hitch.