Moving from Physical to Virtual servers

We are looking to move to virtual servers from physical servers. Has anyone done this before and any thoughts or concerns we should be aware of when moving the appservers and task agents to virtual servers?

Did a Physical to VM a few years back on 9.05.701. To be honest I can’t recall if I just used disk2vhd or some other method, but I think I would have. Worked ok, and as I understand it’s still working today, I was going from some rather old architecture Xeon processors on the physicals to the latest n the VM as well as going from a RAID 5 10k setup to Intel NVME PCIe drives, so even going from Physical to VM we still got a performance boost.

To be honest if I had the time I would rather have just built a VM from scratch, but I didn’t.

If the machine names are the same then there should be no difference, You just need to make sure you don’t have the old and the new running on the same network at the same time or you will have problems. :roll_eyes:

The only other thing I have to say is TEST,TEST,TEST. Particularly if this is something you don’t do on a regular basis.

We just converted a 9.05.701 from physical to VM weeks ago, using MVMC, took a few hours. (any converter including disk2vhd, VMConverter would be fine)
If you are E9/progress, it’d probably running Server 2008R2 or earlier, which doesn’t support .vhdx as guest (Hyper-V Gen2)
Better keep the IP / machine name, else make sure check config / appserver / SystemTaskAgent, etc.
One personalization went super slow to open, everything else are fine until now. It remains on the same hardware so no noticable performance difference.
Always backup and do tests is the key.

i am wondering if you could provide some more details about your VM migration
i do have an E9/progress environment running on Server 2008R2 and need to migrate

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It was a while ago, my advice would be test at least once, and make sure you have a backup
Not much different from casual P2V, shut down applications like the appserver and databases for P2V conversion, before starting the converted VM, check the network settings to avoid confliction.
The only Epicor-related problem I met here is some personalization took minutes to load, zero clue, just deleted them and everything is fine.


@amaragni check out Disk2vhd - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn

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thank you !

Did you run into any performance related issues moving from physical to virtualization? Also, how did the Progress layer handle virtualization?