Moving parts from one job to another - Costs

We have two jobs created, both the same end item deliverable. However for scheduling purposes we have changed the way the job was planned. On the -1 job material/hardware has already been ordered and received (some even gone through inspection processing and been invoiced on the AP side). We need to move this material and hardware from one job to the other.

My though process was to let all of the material and hardware come in on the -1 job and then “Return Material” and then “Issue Material” them to the -3 job. What I am not seeing is the costs on the -3 job after the move from the -1. Will this not show up right away?

-1 Job

-3 Job

Before we can answer, what is your Costing for these parts?

Costing Method is Std.

What are those materials that were issued? Do they both have a standard cost assigned?

Same part on both jobs. Just trying to move it from one job to another. It is a hoist ring. The Costing method assign in part maintenance is “Std”.

Your simplest solution could be job adjustment.
Adjust the cost out of -1 and adjust into -2
change supply link in the PO for -3 to job -1 as you will need to buy into the first job.