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We implemented 10.0.700.4 in July. We’ve been working through a variety of
issues and finally are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

We have discovered that when MRP is generated, there are times it will cut a job
for a component and link it directly to another job needing that part – rather
than making it to stock and that other job pulling the part from stock.

Is there a setting or checkbox that will keep it from linking to another job???


Is the PartPlant.NonStock field checked for this part? That is the first thing that comes to mind that tells MRP whether or not to create the job as make direct.

No, it is not checked. Thx.

Are you sure you looked at the PartPlant.NonStock flag and not just the Part.NonStock flag? Are you multi-plant? Nothing else causes a real part to be made direct to a job by MRP.

Matt is right, check the field on the plant tab.

One last place to check is the sales order release, you can overide the Make checkbox. If you are seeing unfirm job suggestions, take a look at the job source in the job screen, this will show you the order if that is the cause.

Bryan DeRuvo

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Matt - I’m attaching a screen shot - it is not checked. Bryan - when we looked at the job source, it showed the job it was linking to rather than an order.


Using time phased inquiry, can you look at the current inventory level in this plant at the time the job is scheduled to complete? While I don’t have first-hand experience with this, based on these values, I would say Epicor might be avoiding holding more than the max on-hand quantity of 100 at the time the job is scheduled to complete, so it wants to immediately issue to a job to avoid this. This is conjecture, but would be a reasonable explanation for what you’re seeing.
(Edit: try expanding max on-hand to 500, regenerate all unfirm jobs, and see if the first example of this issue reappears on the same date. If so, then there is some other root cause.)

Let me know.


I can tell you first hand that is exactly what Epicor is doing. If you set your part to have a max of 100, and it currently has 100, then any new demand will have a job created automatically. This was definitely the case in version 9. I don’t why it would any different in version 10 unless it is broken….and right now we are NOT using MRP.

M. Manasa Reddy
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I would like to try and replicate on my system the the case you described above. I have tried simulating based on the information in this thread. I don’t see the type of results you explain. I have never seen any MRP application “Make -Up a dependent demand” in order to exhaust inventory of a sub component just to honor a Maximum on hand signal. I have seen warning messages indicating I will exceed this level. I am working in 10.1.400.15 Do you think this was a bug in 10 and has been fixed?

I will be honest here I found the original email Tricia sent out and did not realize her issue was a job generated to supply another job. I did jump the gun on this one…but that said, it could be a bug….because like Matt said jobs supply jobs if they are non-stock parts and that is not Tricia’s case.

M. Manasa Reddy
P: 703.471.7145 x454

Hi Tricia, I was reading this thread and was curious if you had found the answer to you’re MRP results. I cannot replicate the error in my Test system.

Thank you all for the new suggestions. I’m passing along this information to my shop supervisor to let him test it. I’ll let you know if this fixes it. Thanks again!

Update - our shop supervisor adjusted the max on a part and deleted everything that had come up in yesterday’s MRP regen. Ran the regen this morning - the parts are showing just as yesterday. :frowning: Anyone have any other thoughts? Thanks in advance!

I would sure like to see this with my own eyes. If you care to contact me at 714-473-2499 or, I would like to schedule a remote session to review together.

Could your backflushing setup have some involvement here? There is a hierarchy of how system pulls for backflush that has to do with resource warehouse setup, etc. … Just a thought that maybe somethings funny there.
Also, do you have the warehouse setup for the part that is being pulled for the job, shown in the “from location” of the job details / materials tab on the Job entry?


Nancy - thank you for the suggestions. I’ll pass them along to my Production Supervisor.

@mhellwig - thank you for the offer. I’ve given your information to the Production Supervisor. As we are coming up on year-end, I’m not sure if he’ll get in touch with you before the end of the year or not.