MRP Issue


I must have something set up wrong cause our MRP is not working how I need it to. I have parts set up to come over per release. (I am sure this is the issue but don’t know what to put there to fix it). On this example there are 2 releases 2000 each. Today we firmed one of the jobs and added 2000 and deleted the other MRP job for 2000. I ran MRP and it comes back as a new MRP job.

Here are screenshots:

This is our shipping dashboard showing the two releases.

Here are the jobs that are created.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


What does time phase show for that part?


Are the releases set to make direct?

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Make to stock

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Looks like MRP is suggesting to reduce the job quantity that you changed to 4000 back to 2000, and then suggesting another job for 2000. If you check “Locked” in job entry on your 4000 qty job (JobHead.LockQty) and run MRP again, that may fix it.

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Ok that worked. Thank you. i will let them know to lock the job if they combine jobs. Thanks i appreciate it

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If you want those to be combined automatically, set your Days of Supply to 45 and MRP will create 1 job for both orders.