MRP Job scheduling Issue - Constrained materials

We are looking to implement Epicor but we’ve hit an issue with MRP. One of new BOMs won’t create jobs correctly. MRP shows as complete but depending on how we run the job it either ignores the leadtime on the constrained materials and tells us the job will be complete in the next 7-8 weeks despite having a 120 material on the BOM and we don’t have stock. The other job result shows the job to have no scheduled resources.

We are on 10.2.400.5 and using infinite scheduling. Just as this forum has several posts on issues around constrained materials I wanted to ask if anyone is successfully using that feature?

After speaking to Epicor support and doing additional troubleshooting I have discovered the following:

  • We can schedule a job if the lead time on purchased parts is 87 days or less (really 87 days not a round number!)
  • Constrained material should not be checked on all parts in the part master. I think I’ve seen a couple of other posting on that in this forum. We will look to apply constraints in a more intelligent fashion e.g. ABC codes