MRP Planning jobs running at the same time as a scheduled Maintenance Job


A Maintenance Job has been raised and firmed for a tool (this is set up as a resource), and the maintenance job has been scheduled with a start date 30/10 and a due date of 31/10. We have then run MRP with ‘Run Finite Scheduling during MRP calculation’ ticked (as the resource is set as Finite Capacity), and MRP has processed and planned an unfirm job for a part that has the tool as a resource. The operation start and due dates that have the tool as a resource has been planned to run over the same time as the Maintenance job, start date 29/10 and due date 31/10. As the tool is set as Finite Capacity, shouldn’t MRP plan the production job to run after/before the maintenance job?

What we expect:

  • A production job should be dependent on the maintenance schedule for a tool.

  • MRP should move a scheduled production job when a maintenance job is generated

  • MRP should only create a production job after a maintenance job is completed

What MRP is currently doing:

  • A maintenance job (30/10 - 31/10) overlaps the production job (29/10 - 31/10) for the same tool.

Our question:

Is there any way that we can set MRP to meet the expectations we mentioned above?
Please see attached for more information on the issue.

Document.docx (446.6 KB)

It’s a little bit hard to read because of the image scaling, but in your attached document, it looks like the Resource is set up with a Finite Horizon of 7 days. This means that only jobs within 7 days from the current date will be scheduled finitely – everything outside of the Finite Horizon is scheduled infinitely (jobs are allowed to stack on top of one another on resources).

I believe this is the cause of your issue. If you set the Finite Horizon to a longer timeframe – at this point >30 days to capture your maintenance job – then you should see the desired behavior where the maintenance job is scheduled and then the production job is scheduled for after the maintenance job completes.

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Hi Tyler,

This definitely solved our issue. We increased the Finite Horizon then ran MRP again and as expected, both the production and maintenance jobs didn’t overlap.