MRP Processing based on Revision and not Part

Customer has decided to create a part with each revision be used to designate a specific color with a unique method for each one. We had the parts over multiple Sales Order and quantities

Sales Order 10008/1/1 Qty: 2 GPPR rev. Orange
Sales Order 10008/2/1 Qty: 5 GPPR rev. Red
Sales Order 10010/1/1 Qty: 1 GPPR rev. Blue

When MRP ran to create an unfirmed job, it combined to create one job UNF0000002 for Qty: 8, MRP did not take the revision into consideration and actually should have created 3 jobs, one job for each revision color.

Is there any place in any configuration, setup or flag, that would create a new job based on revisions or will MRP only see the part number.

I believe there is a license required to Plan By Revision.

Standard functionality…in Part Maintenance, the “Use Part/Rev” field. If TRUE, MRP will always use the latest approved Rev. If FALSE, it will respect the SO/Line/Rev.

If I understood the question, Frank wants three active revisions, one for each color. Standard functionality would pick the last color approved. Correct?

To translate, your “Standard Functionality” = Use Part Rev = TRUE. If you change it to FALSE, and you have those 3 Revisions APPROVED, then you can pick the Revision in each SO line, and MRP will create jobs with the respective revisions.

We have the “Use Part Rev” unchecked and still only getting one unfirmed job for the base revision and we should be getting three jobs. We have three sales order lines, one for each color. MRP is giving us one unfirmed job whether it is checked or not.

Can the parts be setup as Nonstock? Or must be stocked?

Also, are the SO line dates different?

So had a session with Epicor Support. We have the part set as non-stock, unchecked the use part rev, changed the dates for each line on the sales order. Ran MRP, which returned three unfirmed jobs based on the new SO Dates. The revision is the list revision 14 out of 14 and not any revision that is on the sales order.

So the behavior that is listed in the help, stating that it should be based on the line revision is not working at all and just taking any revisions it wants.

Might be a bug. I have used this field in the past, maybe last time I tested was a couple years ago, and it worked as described. But I very rarely have a customer ask for it.

Thanks for everything, It is something related to Kinetic.