MRP Scheduling issue (Req By Date not the same as Due Date)


Wondering if anyone else has experienced the issue we are seeing with MRP. We are currently on Epicor 904.507A and in the middle of an E10 implantation. This issue occurs on both versions.

We use Process MRP to generate Unfirmed Jobs. This process typically generates over 250 Unfirmed Jobs. About 1/3 - 1/2 of these Jobs are scheduled incorrectly by where the Req By Date is different from the Due Date so after every MRP run our scheduler has to manually Schedule the Job to correct the dates by opening the Job, hitting Actions - Schedule - Job Schedule… Checking the “Override Material Constraints” option (This option is also flagged when we run Process MRP). The Job is then scheduled just fine with the Req By Date and Due Date matching. Any ideas what we could be missing here? Thanks!


Is the job scheduled to start in the past? You should be able to get the same results from job scheduling as MRP. It will be much easier to find the issue in your E10 instance since you should be able to delete the job and rerun MRP on that part quickly. I would expect it to be a difference in one of the check boxes between the two.

I have a lone wolf job that is behaving in a similar fashion. The material is either on hand or scheduled to come in on time, but the job is planned for completion a year after it is needed.

It’s almost as if the system is not seeing the raw material availability on this job. It is an isolated case, though, so I am leaning towards an improper setting on one of the component parts.

A year!!! Wow that should stick out. I would look at the part settings and the part class settings. I would think if it was a part class issue it would affect more parts. Check the receive times.

A few thoughts:
-I thought there was a requirement to be on 9.05.702a (latest of 9.05) to be able to upgrade to E10.
-When the scheduler is rescheudling the job are they scheduling forward or backwards?
-Are any materials on these jobs setup for Contrained Materials in Part Entry?
-Forewarning that of of 9.05.700 the Job Header’s Req By and Due Date will NOT match but the Due Date + any Receive Time should beat or match the Req By Date unless there is a scheduling constraint.

Hello Rick,

Epicor was able to upgrade us from 9.04.507A no problem. Scheduler is backwards. I’ve uploaded an image of our Process MRP Screen and the options we select when manually scheduling a job. No parts are set up as Constrained Materials, I ran a BAQ to verify. Thanks