MRP Unfirm Job Missing Details

I fee like I’m missing something obvious here, but what would cause MRP to create Unfirm Jobs but not have any Job Details… no Method?
The part has a valid and approved revision.
MRP generates Job’s but they have no details.

Hi Rick,

Any chance it’s this? Major MRP issues in 10.1.600 also? - #2 by Nancy_Hoyt


I’ve not seen it there.
I have a client on 9.05.702a and they recently had this issue.
As of now I am treating it as a result of MRP failing/crashing and then subsequent MRP runs have the ‘Recycle Jobs’ enabled, so those jobs don’t get deleted and instead the empty jobs just persist.

@Rick_Bird When we were in 905.702A it happened so often I had a nightly email to the planners to delete the empty jobs. I went thru every log for a while and never found a root cause.