MRP - Use Existing Job Instead of Suggestion New One


MRP newbie here. I’ve been using the technical reference guide to get familiar with the logic it uses but finding some scenarios I’m not clear on.

For the below part, MRP has suggested a job, due 11th July. There is already an existing job (JN11068) but its due date is 2nd Oct. However, if check the job in Job Entry, its ‘required date’ is 10th June and the job has been started.

How do I get MRP to use the existing job and remove the suggestion?
There are several purchasing suggestions related to this suggested job which aren’t actually needed and would be purchased by mistake.

I did lock the quantity on job JN11068 (to prevent MRP suggesting to cancel it).

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Did you also lock the production Schedule on job JN11068?
Based on time phase, JN11068 will not be available until October 2, 2024 the demand for the part is June 26, 2024 hence the reason for the MRP job.
The time phase picture doesn’t answer the question what the demand links are for the jobs.
For Job T4587A - is the material link make direct?
for job MRP000000001858 - trying to fulfill the make direct or make to stock?

On time phase - are suggestions turned off?

Hi @LarsonSolutions,

Production Schedule on the job is not locked- would this have an effect? I was trying to get MRP to suggest to expedite the job from October, rather than scheduling a new job in July.

On job T4587A, the material SA055214 is not listed as ‘Make Direct’.

On suggested job MRP000000001858, the demand is ‘make to stock’.

Time phase has all of the following ticked:


Without knowing anything else I would expect Epicor to be suggesting you expedite JN11068 instead of creating a new unfirm job.

There are things that will prevent that from happening, like locking the schedule as @LarsonSolutions suggested.

There is a large gap of time between the required date and the receipt date on JN11068. I know things like Reschedule Delta will have Epicor purposefully not reschedule things outside of these windows. I believe Forecast Window only looks at demand but maybe that is having an unintended effect?

What is your cutoff date when processing MRP?
Is your start date today?

The Schedule Start Date is today and the Cut Off Date is left blank.

I’ve ensured the reschedule in/out deltas are set to 0,

Not too familiar with forecast windows, as this is not something we’re using. I see a field for ‘forecast time’ on the part, but it is read-only for this part, as it isn’t a Purchased part.


What about the planning fence?
What do you have in the part site?

Thank you. Figured out the issue.

The existing job was linked to a Project. The project has a planning contract associated with it, which means that the job automatically got linked to the planning contract.

It seems to mean the job can’t be used to satisfy demand outside of the planning contract. Not sure if there’s a setting to bypass this. For now, I removed the Project from the job, which also cleared the Planning Contract…

Good to know you found the cause…