Is there a way to set the MRPCommandTimeout for when the MRP is running? We have had several times when the MRP is deleting Unfirm jobs that if it takes more than an hour to do so, it errors out.

MRPCommandTimeout (seconds) → 3600 (from the MRP log)

Hi Paul,

IDK how to set that variable, but do you have multiple processors running for the MRP run? We have found this helpful when MRP has errored in the past, that another processor continues on processing.


What version are you running? - along the way there was a “fix” in one of the versions to speed up the job deletion time. You may want to check with support

We are testing the 10.2.700.xx version, fairly recent. Yes, we are runnign multiple processors, but the unfirm job deletion is before the multiple processors kicks off, as it seems to be a single process at that time.

You increase the Timeout related settings in web.config The default values in the appSettings section include 2000 for processing the rows and 3600 seconds (one hour) for the timeout. You can increase these values if necessary.

  • MRPRowCount - The number of rows that sqlCommand is going to affect or read each time.
  • MRPCommandTimeout - Sets the timeout before finishing the attempt to execute a command and generate an error.