Multi-Company not showing up?

I created a new test company to test multi company direct on our current system and I can’t seem to access it from the main menu. I have created the company in the Admin console and followed the documentation so far but when I log in I cannot see it.

Anything I am missing?

Thank you!


You have to assign the new company to that user in Security Management

Tried doing that in User Account Maintenance but when trying to add new company it is blank. Unless I am missing something in the documentation that was provided.

I went through this with E9 some time ago and it seems l had to add a master user within the EAC first.


I’ll try that. Thanks.

Ian - Was that the fix?

We’re in the same boat, trying to set up a new company in our test environment. It’s weird that the “Multi-Site Company Setup Technical Reference Guide 10.2.300” doesn’t mention this step under new company setup.

I’m trying to add the company to my user account security settings (also not mentioned in the TechRef) so I can see it in the menu tree and access it in Company Config… So far our System Admin has added the new company in the EAC and restarted Epicor (and I assumed I’d be able to see it in my user account maintenance to add it).

Create a Company Value
Follow these steps to create a new company value within the database.
1. Within the Epicor Administration Console tree view, expand the Server Management node.
2. Expand the primary node for the Epicor database for which you need to add the new company. For example:
3. Right-click on the Companies node.
4. From the context menu, select Add Company.
The Add Company window displays.
5. Enter the Company ID you will use for your new company. For example, EPIC02.
6. Enter the Name you want to display for the company on the Main Menu within the Epicor application.
7. Click OK.
The next time you launch the Epicor application, your company displays as a separate node on the Main Menu.

Company Record
After you define the company value on the database, you can then setup the company record within the
The company record is automatically created. When you next launch your Epicor application, the company displays
as a new node on the Main Menu tree view. To modify the company record and create other multi-company
maintenance records, expand this node.
You first need to enter the primary values for the new company. You do this within the Company Configuration
program. At this point, you just need to enter the base values required to define the new company. Later you
will return to Company Configuration to select various items you created in other maintenance programs.

Fixed! I had to login to the Epicor client as the system manager, which had the new company attached (not sure if that was automatic from creating the new company in the EAC or our system admin it)…

While logged in to the client as the system manager, I pulled up my account in User Account Security Maintenance, and added the new company to me.

From then on out, I could log in as me, and add the new company to anyone else.

Is this the default Epicor security user behavior - AKA You must have company access before you can add it to another account?