Multi-company search results

This might be a simple one but I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere. Please enlighten me!

We have three companies in our setup. When using part search through part tracker (and a few other searches throughout Epicor) one of our users keeps getting cross-company results. I can’t seem to replicate this in mine or any test users we’ve set up but it’s frustrating the heck out of him.

Is there some user-based setting that would be giving him cross-company results by default? I can’t seem to find anything that suggests this is the case, but his search results say otherwise.

Can you enable client trace for him and someone else to compare and see why one gets cross company results?

I don’t even know if this is possible, “cross-company” for me only sounds related to BAQs, and even then I’m not sure it means getting results from multiple companies or simply that the BAQ is available in different companies so there’s no need to create one BAQ per company manually.

A BAQ flagged as Cross-Company will ignore the built in and hidden Current Company parameter. But users will only see results from all the companies that they have access to.
A BAQ marked as ‘Global’ \ ‘All Companies’ means the BAQ is available in all companies, but does not provide results across all companies just the company the user is in.

Thanks for the replies.

After a bit of head-scratching and a few more questions to the user, a colleague managed to get the full story. The user was loading Part Tracker from a shortcut, not the menu item as he first reported. His shortcut was saved to open with a specific company rather than “Current Company and Plant”. When he used the shortcut from one company he was getting results from the company that the shortcut was pointing to, as it should.

We’ll file this one under “User error” and move on…

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