Multi-level Configurator - Child sequence/position

I’m working a prototype Multi-level configurator and trying to determine what sequence/position the user is on as they navigate forward/backward (on the toolbar) through the children. Furthermore, in order to make my calculations on my method rules formula-based, I need to know what child/sequence the user is currently on. I was able to find that Erp.PcStruct table contains the list of children configs associated to the parent along with their sequence number, but I’m not sure if that is where I should hook into and how.

Does anyone have any insight on how I can obtain the sequence/position the user is on as they navigate forward/backward (on the toolbar) through the children?


First Child:


If you find out how to do this let me know. I can’t believe there is no way to identify what part you are configuring or where you came from. What exactly is your issue? If you are trying to pass values between configurators you could use global inputs.

We wanted to know the same thing but were told it was not possible. So if you do figure it out, let us know.
What we did to get around it was create inputs on a hidden page of each configurator mapped to global variables. That way on leave and load of each we could use those values or at least check if they have been populated and make decisions on subsequent configurators.
To get around having multiple inputs, I created a keyvaluepair string that was passed using that method. example: “chair=123~seat=abc~glide=778946”. Then I have UDMethods that are set to retrieve and set values in those strings. Ultimately using Config Rules to set anything I needed to be set for any of the configurators in the multi-level approach. The good thing is since they are global, the last configurator can add to or modify something that may be used in the first configurator in the sequence.

It is a crazy approach to solve a problem but it works.

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I use the global variable approach too. Our problem is that the part number is built from inputs from all the configurators used.and when the parent calls the child the process does not return to the parent when the child has finished, so the part number is updated by the child and the global variable field on the parent store the updated part number. This works well for us until a quote needs to be reconfigured. I have never been able to get that to work properly with the global variables. I would be interested to know if anyone has.

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I have a custom cache object to hold all variable information (so I’m good on the variable side). However, I’m trying to identify which child (either by the sequence, position, or some other id) the user is on as they navigate forward/backward through the children. I don’t think using the part number will work in my case since I have about 10 instances of the same part number (each have similar but different formulas for their calculations).

Do you have any thoughts on what the application uses for data as you advance through the children?



I can’t say we have had that issue have we @skhan and @jdewitt6029?

Yeah josh that is what we had too, we couldn’t find a way to solve this issue. I tried to run a trace and see if I could figure something out that way, but I got lost in it all.

We have not. Reconfiguring works. What doesn’t work for you @Adrian_Mepham?