Multi-Pallet/Container Shipment through Quick Ship (BOL)

Does anyone have a best practice for freighting a multi-pallet LTL shipment using quick ship? We are running into several issues trying to generate the BOL. Each pallet has a different set of dimensions and weight. We’d like to have our users stay in the Kinetic UI as much as possible (utilizing the Bill of Lading button in the customer shipment entry screen) and not have to bounce between a bunch of different screens. Phantom packs appear to be a non-starter as far as generating the BOL is concerned, because it requires a container type or package code on the pack summary (and the dimensions would then only represent 1 of the pallets). We were also looking at creating a master pack (each pallet as it’s on Pack) but can’t seem to figure out how to generate the BOL for the MP. Any help here would be appreciated!

Did you ever get answer on this? We are getting ready to implement Quick Ship and I know sometimes we have multiple pallets that could be different weights.