Multi Plant FSC Service Job

Probably a loaded question but what is the best practice for FSCs and Service Jobs where multiple plants need to work on the repair?

Here is the scenario. Plant B sets up the FSC and has the capability to do most repairs. However, some repairs need to go to Plant A because it is capable of doing more advanced repairs. In some cases Plant B won’t know if it needs to go to Plant A until after they start the diagnostics. Services Jobs are created by plant, and that can’t be switched after it’s created, and currently our users don’t switch plants to do work on another plants job. Plant B also needs to ship it back to the customer facility after finishing the process coming from Plant A.

Since you can only Misc Ship the Service Job once and the FSC address must match the Misc Ship address, it’s a struggle to understand how Plant to Plant work on Service Jobs/FSC is supposed to be done.

Is the obvious option to have the Plant A users switch plants to do work and then do Misc Shipments without any Job/FSC traceability between plants to move the product? Manufacturing Jobs have Job to Job functionality that includes plant to plant but does that exist/work for Service Jobs also, capturing all the correct cost in the FSC?