Multi Site Vs Multi Warehouse

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I was wondering if anyone knew what is the advantages and disadvantages of having a multi site vs multi warehouse. Current Epicor information on this is very limited and does not provide a clear answer on this question


A couple of things that come to mind

  • Multi site is an additional licence
  • The system behaves differently in the context of sites for example: A user is responsible for keying in POs for multiple sites. They are logged into site A inadvertently enter in a PO which is meant for site B. the stock arrives at site B, but they cannot receive it because the PO was entered in at site A… I believe the same goes for sale orders and customer shipment entry.

So it is very important the the users understand this. That being said if you have user security setup that only users at each physical site log into their site that problem would not exist.

This is a useful information in the help on working with Multi-site. If you don’t have the licence and can’t get access to the information then ask your CAM for it.

I hope that helps.

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A new site will allow you to track the costs separately. I think that’s one of the main things. We created a separate site for our subcontract jobs for example.

Thank you guys the information was helpful