Multicompany - Restrict Menu Access

Is it possible to set up menu access to be company specific for users that have access to multiple companies?

Ex: We have a team which needs access to two companies, but should only have finance setup menu access on one company (A/R, A/P, GL).

We’ve gone to menu maintenance, but the ability to set Owning Company is greyed out, and “All Companies” is always checked. We really would rather not go through every single setup menu item to set it individually via Allow Access Groups/Users.We’ve also tried “Actions > Add to current company”, but it’s also “All Companies”.

Thanks for the help.

We have a ticket open with Epicor about this…

There are Problem Tickets on this issue…

Thank you, Kim. I submitted a case and referenced the PRB, but Epicor believes that its an enhancement and doesn’t have plans to back port to 10.2.300.x. It hasn’t been accepted to implement for 10.2.500 either that I can see.

If anyone knows of a work-around, I’m all ears. Would we need to create 50+ UI company-specific customizations to show blank screens when a user tries to access that menu item in Company A, and not Company B? That seems like an awful messy kludge…

You probably need to make duplicate security groups, one for each company.

Instead of a single sec grp FIN_003, have FIN_003_SiteA, FIN_003_SiteB, etc…


Calvin - Great! Good idea. I just noticed that our existing security groups have a blank in owning company, and new security groups after we added a 2nd company have the current company you were active in when creating the group.

I guess we can change it after the fact with DMT or a UBAQ. I can see that being an enhancement request.

I usually make a new menu item and add the applicable security group to the new menu so I can control company access. Most of the time we find if a user gets access to multiple companies they will need the same menu access so I can get by with the original menu item.

We’re making some progress. I also put in an EpiCare ticket where the fix was to go to Menu Maintenance > File > New > Security. I added a new security ID which was company specific, named it CompanyB_0001 to not step on Epicor’s security ID. Click save, add the company specific security group as “allowed”. Save and Close.


Re-open, and the 2nd security ID disappeared from the menu item! Bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

If I try to add it again, I can find it from the SecurityID button search, and re-add it, but it always gets removed when I re-open (and the user can’t access the menu item).


I was under the impression that you could only have one security per menu.

Does away with the issue with where you could have conflicting settings between SecID’s

Like if Sec250 says user jschmoe has access, and SecID CompB_250 says jschmoe is disallowed.

Only one per company and the company specific one takes precedence.

Can I change the Epicor Sec250 to be company specific instead of All Companies?

Or should I delete the Epicor SEC250 (with all companies) and create/add two separate company-specific security ID’s (one for each)?

I go to the list view of the Security Tab and just add the ones I need and leave the All Companies one alone.

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BTW, you’ll be able to keep the SEC250 code with a different company ID. You don’t have to create a whole new ID.

@askulte It took me a long time to understand the layout of Menu Maintenance Security .

This (yellow highlight) is where you say “this menu item has this security.”

The Security list view is NOT a list of all the securities(?) associated with that menu item. It’s not. Really.

When you add one and multiple rows are in that grid, it’s only for your reference.Yes, it disappears immediately after you close the screen.

If you ever needed to modify one that existed and you already “lost it” by closing the screen, I guess you would need to assign it to a menu item (yellow in pic) and then modify it.

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I would be careful to change the original Epicor security id. Why? at next upgrade you may have to do a similar exercise again. I never wanted to try to see what happened so I always create new menu security IDs that are custom to the individual companies and add users to security groups.

Are you referriing to changing the definition of the original SecID, or changing which SecID is used by the menu item?

I found that going from 10.1.400 to 10.2.300, all the names of the original menu items reverted to their original name.

In 10.1.400 I had changed the name of menu item IMMT1102 from Part to Part (PM_02), as it used customization PM_02

After the upgrade to 10.2.300, menu item IMMT1102 stil used customization PM_02, but the name reverted back to Part