Multilevel BOM

How do I create a multi-level BOM in Epicor? We have manufactured parts as the top-level the parent parts numbers are unique for each manufacture and are generated through the configurator as are the level 0 sub-component parts.

We want to go to level 2 eg roof trusses may be a certain code for 20 different unique house types but all with the same material part code - however we cannot add a subcomponent code to one of these roof truss codes as the subcomponents of these may be different from house type to house type even though they are the same material parent code. If we add a subcomponent code everywhere the material parent code is used.

How is a unique link created?


There are a few posts on this. Depends on what you are looking for.

Wait you mean how to actually create the BOM in Epicor. Sorry Monday still waking up from the weekend. That is in the Engineering Workbench.

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@andrew.wallace I’m having trouble following you with all of these “codes” - are you talking about part numbers? Or operations? I feel like you mean one at some points and something else at other times.

I don’t understand the exact question here.


Thanks for the replies . We have figured out a way of doing this :slight_smile:

So, could you also let others know what you figured out on how to do this? Could help someone as well.

hello, can you advise on how you did this?
thank you