Multiple Company Menu Security

Great timeing on this post. We are live 7months and I did my best efforts to implement security with new menus. It works and we’re secure but I had a consultant saying the way I set things up was not the right way to do things. What the consultant did not understand is that Epicor out of the box has one key restriction i.e. the menu structure uses the same security ID across all companies therefore if you need separate access by company you need separate menu IDs. Hopefully this post will help to prove that I can setup security for the remainder of the business yet to go live. Like Doug C says it’s a lot of work so I only want to do once. One tip though, we creating new menus for PO Trackers you need to have access to the SQL DB as PO Entry & Tracker show exactly the same in menu maintenance but tracker has a hidden parameter in the DB you need to add. You could copy exactly the PO Tracker menu item that comes out of the box to your own menu structure but it would not be a tracker until you make a DB change: