Multiple Custom Reports from Same Base SSRS

I am curious about creating multiple custom reports using the same base SSRS report. For instance, APAging. We have a modified version of the base report that includes a few extra fields and also have an Excel version that is formatted for easy use in Excel.

I have created the Excel version, but in the Report Server Custom folder it is just called AgdPay. If I try to copy the base SSRS report to create the 2nd custom report, it says it will over write custom versions (actually you can choose to overwrite) see below


My question is, if I do not check the overwrite checkbox, will it create a second copy of the base SSRS report that I can then modify and it will be linked to the second RDL file and style?

I am nervous doing this and blowing away two days of work!


I figured this out.

Changing the folder path will put a new copy on report server.