Multiple packages per unit

We have a MTO pack/ship process with a requirement for multiple packages making up a single unit. Box 1 of 3, Box 2 of 3, Box 3 of 3 will need to be added to a pack slip to make up a single unit on a order-line-rel. We need to know that all the sub-packages are completed and ready for shipment.

The planned process is to create pack slips at the end of the assembly line to create a “pallet tag” from a make direct job and then use master pack in shipping to finalize the truck shipment.

The plan is that the expected number of “sub-packages” will need to be entered on the order release and/or the sales kit component detail to know what is expected.

Phantom pack was tested will not work only because you cannot put a phantom pack on a master pack.

We are testing the PC ID functionality yet.

Third option is to use a UD table with customization either at the job operation level or the pack slip level.

I have to think that someone out there has done this process requirement already! What approach did you use?

Thanks in advance.


Epicor does not do this well (or at all really). We make industrial conveyors that get’s shipped partially assembled in multiple trucks. Epicor assumes small piece orders lines combined into one package, not large item lines with multiple trucks per order line. We hired a local development company to write an app for us that writes to UD tables to create pallet packing lists (we call them lifts) and truck packing lists of lifts. It was not a trivial process, but the system has saved our butts lots of times by proving what left when on what truck etc. We use IPODs with scanner sleds on them and a bunch of zebra printers to print out labels for everything. The app has the ability to take pictures and attach to the objects. I wrote dashboards to more easily view the data in the UD tables, and trackers to search for things.

Overall it was about a 6 month process to get running and we are about $150k sunk into it so far, but it’s been worth it for us to be able to track the things and make packing slips as needed.

Thanks for the feedback, Brandon.


Has anyone had success with this maybe with the PCID? We are running into the same issue where a part is across multiple boxes (Pack ID) and when we close the master pack, the order lines are not closed. We are moving to public cloud with quick ship over the next couple months.